IACM Ltd. Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Authentication Centre
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Our Services

We are capable to conduct general safety test, qualitative and quantitative analysis, biomedical services, general pharmacopoeia & drug adulteration test plus other Chinese medicine (CM) related consultancy services to the industry.

IACM Ltd. offers quality control in:
* Chinese medicinal materials
* Pharmaceutical preparations of CM
* Basic & applied biomedical investigations of the various aspects of CM
* Toxicity and pharmacological studies in CM
* Clinical studies

IACM Ltd. could also partner with enterprises for the following business opportunities:
* Develop and commercialize health supplements
* Develop and commercialize new Chinese medicines
* Develop and commercialize Chinese medicinal instruments
* Develop and commercialize books on Chinese medicine related subjects
* Provide research method and consultancy services
* Any other viable business opportunities in the field of Chinese medicine

All experts in IACM Ltd. are from the Technology Development Division (TDD) of the School of Chinese Medicine. The objectives of TDD include:
* Serve as a research and technology platform
* Enhance the standard of CM products
* Develop strategic partnership
* Support training to upgrade quality of research