IACM Ltd. Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Authentication Centre
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About Us



With the aging of the population, the stringent health budget, and growing demand of the general public for health care, there have been increasing opportunities for the development of Chinese medicine (CM) because of its integrative approach in the prevention of diseases and treatment for the overall well-being of a person. An equally strong demand coming in tandem is for the quality assurance of CM - from crude materials to finished products. This can be well understood in a health conscious society and consumer market.

Our mission is therefore to promote, not only the health of people through CM research, but also the application of advanced chemical and biomedical technology and expertise in quality assurance of Chinese medicinal materials and products. We trust that a stringent QA/QC program at international standards is a key to enhance consumer confidence and to gain a foothold in the growing local, national and international market.


IACM aims for the advancement and modernization of Chinese medicine. With its established areas of expertise, cutting-edge technology and equipment, we offer:

  • Consultancy and testing services
  • Collaborations with prestigious institutions overseas for the promotion of CM product standards and their advancement in the local and international markets
  • High-level applied research for the CM industry and public sector
  • Strategic partnerships with local, national, and international enterprises for the development of CM related products
  • Training of CM professionals through research activities.